Teacher Surveys (Fall 2016)

SRC Teachers took a survey at their October 2016 meetings, developed by the Life Skills Steering Committee, that asked questions about college, career, and life readiness skills of their SRC students.

Teacher Survey Results

  • 43% feel their students will not be prepared for college
  • 91% said they encourage their students to pursue more education/training after HS
  • 37% feel their students have no advocates in their lives, except the teacher
  • 50-85% feel their students have Life Skills to be successful after HS
  • 42% said their students do not have the skills to hold a job after HS
  • 51% feel their students will not be successful after HS
  • 70% said their students lack perseverance
  • 83% feel their students have hope

See full results here:

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