SRC Information

Collaborative Partnership

The Ohio Valley ESC Student Readiness Collaborative (SRC) includes the following 13 School Districts (including 15 High Schools and one Career Center), two Career Center districts and six Institutions of Higher Education. (see map)

SRC Project Goals

  1. Reduce the number of students who need college remediation by increasing the number of students who are college ready.
  2. Create a culture of seamless collaboration between educators of high school and higher education.
  3. Provide high-quality professional development for educators to increase the number of students who are college ready.
  4. Develop life skill educational programs and strategies for students that target career pathway development and educational aspiration.

SRC Mission Statement

The Ohio Valley ESC Student Readiness Collaborative (SRC) will work to create a culture of collaboration to ensure seamless educational opportunities for students from PreK-12 through post-secondary and into the workforce.

Project Background

After reviewing college readiness data, it was discovered that a significant number of students were required to take remediation courses in Math and English, especially in our regional Appalachian service area. Not only is this more expensive for students, but the likelihood students will earn a degree rapidly decreases. This reality has compelled the Ohio Valley ESC to investigate ways of helping students be more successful on the preparation end, before they graduate from high school.

The SRC Project will focus on two subgroups of students on the bubble of “college readiness”, who without purposeful preparation would likely require college remediation upon graduation from high school:

  • Students on track to be “college-ready” who lack the necessary life skills for success beyond high school.
  • Students not on track to be “college-ready” who possess the necessary life skills for success beyond high school.

Project Components

The project will address improving four components of college preparedness: Content Alignment, Skill Enhancement, Career Development and Student Aspiration.

Content Alignment will focus on: College Transition Mapping, ACT Standards Comparison, Professional Development.

Skill Enhancement will focus on: ACT Online Prep, ACT Data Analysis, Professional Development.

Career Development will focus on: Internships & Job Shadowing, Real Life Experiences, Life Skill Education, Work Ethic Rubric, Pathway Profiles, and CCR Expo.

Student Aspiration will focus on: PBIS Integration, Mentorship Program, iBELIEVE Summer Camp, and Student Experience Survey.